Board of Directors

Advisory Council

  • Steven Briggs, President

  • Steve Hoyland Jr., Vice-Chairperson

  • Michael Osgood, Treasurer

  • Thomas Hilton, Secretary
  • Gary Gardner

  • Gregory Kostiuk

  • Doug Woodall

  • Fritz Weiss

  • Charlie Everts


Q.  Why are you starting a new effort?  Aren’t there enough groups already?!?
A.  In the 11 years since the Magnuson Stevens Fisheries Act of 1976 (MSA) was reauthorized in 2006, we have seen recreational fishing access stolen from the recreational fisherman.   As an example in Texas, the Red Snapper seasons have been reduced from 6 months in 2006 to 3 days or less in 2017 – all the while the Red Snapper population off of the Texas coast is at a ridiculously healthy high population, maybe even levels that are damaging other aspects of the Gulf ecosystem.  Recreational fishermen have been banned from fishing the Gulf waters during this period while commercial fishing interests have seen their seasons and access grow to year around.
We also believe a new strategy is needed – one that builds on the many years of good work of the other good groups, but also one that bridges these groups and who they represent into a unified and more potent effort under a single agreed upon vision and mission.   This effort will focus on the Gulf of Mexico fishery and the negative impacts to its communities and economies.   Though our focus is in the Gulf, we know our impact may have a nation-wide impact and we will ask everyone to join in on this transformational fight to take back our fishing rights and restore our heritage!
Q.  What’s the initial strategy – what’s your plan?
A.  We are getting to work right away!  Our initial efforts are to simply get the effort formalized through the full IRS determination as a 501c3.  In the meantime, we are simply raising awareness and funds where we can to rally around our vision and mission.  We need EVERYONE’s help especially early, but also often.  In order to succeed, this will take a lot of money and folks aligned behind us.
We will launch a full member portal soon enough with member benefits.  Our website will be upgrading periodically as we add features such as a BBS message board dedicated to this cause.   We are also in the works to link or assume some large social media groups and we will be asking anyone who supports us to quickly join in on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.  Our efforts will be Gulf-wide and we are slowly and selectively planning to add key leadership positions all across the Gulf States.  Once this process happens (or as it happens) we will hold rallies in those states with the newly elected leadership.  We will also be starting up member chapters based on our member needs.
We have been in contact with the other recreational and conservation rights groups out there and will plan on meeting with them as frequent as needed to gain their trust, buy-in, and ultimately participation.  We want this to be a mega alliance where we are all working in concert.  We have a highly organized and well-funded opponent so this is a must-have if we are to succeed.
While many of the tactics we will use to accomplish our strategic goals are not going to be publicized outside of the organization’s leadership, the basic structure of what we are doing will be reflected in the many various projects that we will undertake to accomplish those goals.  These “projects” will be tactical in nature and will be very board or very specific in their application depending on the purpose of that specific project’s intentions.  In addition, these projects will allow for the many other good groups to contribute their resources towards our aligned goals.