"Fair and Equitable Access to the Gulf of Mexico Fisheries
for the Benefit and Enjoyment of the People!"​​

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Yellowstone National Park’s North Entrance is graced by a monumental landmark known as the Roosevelt Arch.  The message inscribed at the top of the arch signifies, and serves as a reminder to the People, the vision and key accomplishment of the great conservationist and protector of our national resources, Theodore Roosevelt.  The 26th President of the United States of America understood the importance of preserving our Public Trust Resource “For the Benefit and Enjoyment of the People” forever.
Unfortunately, what we are facing today is a massive transfer of ownership of our Public Trust Resource away from the People to corporate interests for their exclusive access and benefit.  Nowhere is that more evident than in the privatization efforts of our federal waters and most notably the entire Gulf of Mexico.  Lives are being altered and generational heritage is being lost, while the public is generally unaware of this takeover.  
Our vision is impacting change to the current unjust system to restore the People’s right to the Public Trust Resource and ultimately changing the current laws to be more fair and equitable for all citizens accessing the Gulf fishery - especially such that no commercial interest shall take precedent over the interests of the private citizens of this nation.


The mission of Freedom 2 Fish is to ensure that the natural resources of the Gulf of Mexico are “for the benefit and enjoyment of the people” and not reserved for the exclusive use by corporate or special interests. 

​Freedom 2 Fish is a grass roots effort based on the following principles and objectives:
Ensuring sustainability requirements for each of the very different Gulf of Mexico regional ecosystems are recognized and managed accordingly, so Recreational Anglers can enjoy optimum yield of our fisheries, as mandated per the  Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act .

Applying rules and regulations governing the management of the commercial fishing industry that are differentiated from the recreational fishing industry such that both are appropriate, fair and enforceable.  Recreational fishing should be managed based on traditional bag limits and season days, while commercial fishing is regulated on a per pound basis.

Revising the current system such that holders of  Individual Fish Quotas  (IFQs) are required to annually compensate the American people for the right to catch and sell our fish.  Presently, a few sea lords have been granted IFQs without paying royalties for them.  Furthermore; the transferability or resale of IFQs by any holder shall be prohibited as only the government should be collecting royalties on behalf of the American people for the benefit of all and not for the benefit and profitability of individual business owners.

Prohibiting the federal fisheries managers from using or assuming harvest data out of non-federal or state waters for the purposes of managing a federal fishery.  The authority of our federal fisheries laws, as defined by the  Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act , stops at the state/federal line.

Supporting science-based initiatives that encourage sustainable fishing, equitable access for all user groups, and accountability from our fisheries managers and elected officials.

Eliminating sector separation which provides the framework to segregate and discriminate against recreational fishermen who wish to use their own boat to access the Gulf of Mexico fishery.  In turn, Amendment 30B, which prohibits federally permitted boats from fishing state waters when federal waters are closed should be repealed.  Everyone should enjoy equal access, whether they are fishing from a private, for-hire or commercial vessel.